Privacy Policy

Effective February 2019

First thing first - we never have and never will sell any user information we collect to any third party company, period. The only exception is a scenario where we are bought out by a third party company that necessitates transfer of data to the new operator.

Moving on to the fine details: Webpushr processes two broad categories of personal information when you use our software platform:

  • Your personal information as a developer customer of Webpushr - information that we refer to as Account Data, and

  • The personal information of your end users’ who use or interact with the push notifications you have built using Webpushr - this contains both your Customer Usage Data (e.g. interactions w/ push optin prompts, interaction with push messages, page visits, custom event information) and your Customer Content (e.g., location, device information, browser information, IP address.).

Webpushr uses & processes these categories of personal information differently because the direct relationship we have with you, our developer customer, is different than the indirect relationship we have with your end users.

Now, we will go through each of the above and explain how we use and process this information:

Your, our customer, information

We use your information primarily for authentication. What this means is that once you sign up with us, we use your e-mail address and password to enable you to subsequently sign into our platform to use our services. We sometimes also use your information to proactively reach out to you in case of technical issues. Our account teams and account representatives might also use your information to contact you about new features or pricing information.

Your end user information

We primarily collect and use your end user information within the well-defined realm of standard web push notification enablement so that you can update your customers via web push notifications. That is what our platform is about and the guiding principle for our data collection policies. We use your end user information so you can use various features we offer as part of our software platform. These features include but are not limited to dashboards, user segmentation, custom events, conversion tracking, automatic push notifications, manual push notifications etc. We, sometimes, do internally use your end user information at an aggregated meta level to improve our products or services.