Uptime Monitoring

Webpushr's Uptime Monitoring is a crucial tool in our suite of web push notification services that constantly checks your website's availability. It tracks your site's status in real-time and helping you maintain a seamless online experience for your users.

Key Features:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: We monitor your site 24/7 every 5 minutes, around the clock.
  2. Measure Server Response Time: We store your server’s response time so you can keep a close tab on any degradation issues. 
  3. Performance Insights: Get detailed performance insights with response time tracking, response code analysis, and error detection.
  4. Historical Data: Access historical uptime reports to identify trends and track your website's performance over time.
  5. Multiple Checkpoints: Ensure global coverage with monitoring from multiple checkpoints worldwide, ensuring that your website is accessible from anywhere.

Why Uptime Monitoring Matters:

  1. Maximize Availability: Keep your website accessible and available to users at all times, minimizing disruptions and lost opportunities.
  2. Protect Your Reputation: As a marketer, knowing the technical performance of your website can be an immensely powerful tool. Avoid negative impacts on your brand reputation caused by prolonged downtime or slow website performance. Know about it so you can help improve it!